Action Grants


For past Cullen performing arts grantees seeking less than $7,500 per year*, an expedited application option is available, the performing arts “Action Grant.” This is a streamlined, one-step application process (i.e. no LOI). Requests can be made for one to three years of funding for capacity building, general operating, program, or capital projects.


To be eligible for the Action Grant category, your organization must be a past Cullen performing arts grantee (since 2015) and not have an open grant with Cullen Foundation. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and processed within six (6) weeks of receipt.


All Cullen eligibility requirements and criteria must still be met when applying for an Action Grant, including submittal of reviewed or fully audited financial statements from the applicant’s most recently completed fiscal year. Visit Responsive Grants – Performing Arts to review the eligibility criteria.


Requests for the following will NOT be considered:

  • Arts education programs
  • Art therapy programs
  • Sponsorships including galas, fundraising events, conferences, and travel opportunities
  • Programs and events with a performing arts component that are hosted by organizations that are not members of the performing arts sector
  • Activities of organizations serving primarily their own membership
  • Programs and events that will occur less than 100 days from the date the application is fully submitted to our portal 

* The recommended request size is up to $5,000 from organizations with revenues under $75K; and up to $7,500 from organizations with revenues over $75K.