Sector Initiatives

Cullen Foundation’s Sector Initiatives investment area is an effort to address a variety of capacity-building priorities in the sector through sponsorship of speakers, workshops, professional development, and research for shared, sector-wide advancement.

Sector Initiatives will build the capacity of WNY performing arts organizations by providing funding and programming for joint technical assistance, trainings, and other means of support. Cullen will work with sector members on identifying the most relevant, timely, and priority topics, and the optimal means to advance them. Topics may include:

  • Grant writing
  • Developing program outcomes
  • Board training and development for stronger governance
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion topics
  • Financial-related topics
  • Audience development/engagement/outreach training
  • Other professional development opportunities across a variety of sector positions (leadership; administrative staff; actors; director; technical staff; etc.)

With input from the performing arts sector members, we intend to present opportunities for learning together on these topics and others that emerge from the field. Submit a recommendation by contacting Cullen staff at [email protected]