Performing Arts


Jack Cullen was a passionate supporter of the performing arts, and Cullen Foundation seeks to continue Mr. Cullen’s legacy by advancing the theatre and performing arts sector for residents of Erie County.


The performing arts sector in and around Erie County today includes a robust and eclectic mix of organizations that contribute to making the area a vibrant place to live. Cullen Foundation believes that cultivating and growing Erie County’s performing arts community will require supporting a variety of organizations of different types, sizes, and artistic focus. Within performing arts, Cullen Foundation will prioritize music, theater, dance, and other forms of live artistic performance, with particular emphasis on the American musical.


Note that although Cullen Foundation is committed to supporting both the performing arts and education in Erie County, the Foundation will not entertain applications focused solely on arts education at this time. Performing arts grants will be limited to organizations where the primary focus/mission is community performances.


Performing arts organizations are encouraged to apply for funding for the Summer 2017 grant cycle – click here for more details.