Cullen Foundation has established the following eligibility criteria:

  • The organization is a 501(c)(3).
  • Cullen Foundation requires that the organization submit audited or reviewed financials prepared by a CPA for its most recently completed fiscal year. This is Cullen's requirement and is not related to NYS requirements. (Click here for more information on types/levels of financial reviews - this link will take you to a brochure made available on the website of the American Institute of CPA's)
  • Erie County is our primary geographic service area with the following exceptions:
    • Education programs not located in Erie County must serve at least 80% Erie County residents.
    • Performing arts organizations outside of Erie County may apply if they can demonstrate their service to Erie County residents through valid audience participation data.
  • No funding received will be used for partisan political activity.
  • No funding received will be used for expenses already incurred.
  • No funding will overlap with an existing grant from the Cullen Foundation.
  • The organization or program fits within Cullen Foundation’s focus areas (grades pre-K through 12 education or performing arts) with the following stipulations:
    1. Arts education programs will not be supported.
    2. Individual schools are not eligible for funding.
    3. Individual scholarships will not be awarded other than those provided by the Cullen Scholars program. (For more information on the Cullen Scholars program, click here)


Please review the types of support the Foundation provides, including exclusions and the maximum request amount.